Cyberbullying: Bullying and Fake Online Profile Essay

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Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. Cyberbullying can happen to anyone at any moment. Cell phones aren’t to blame for the cyberbullying and neither is the social media. It’s the kids who are to blame, and they’re actions. Sending a mean email or IM to someone, Posting mean things about someone on a website, Making fun of someone in an online chat, Doing mean things to someone’s character in an online world, Creating a hostile environment in an online world or game Impersonating someone online including creating a fake online profile, Repeatedly texting someone to the point of harassment, Directly threatening or intimidating someone online or in a text, Starting rumors or spreading gossip online, Stealing someone’s password and logging into someone else’s account, Taking a photo or video and sharing it without the subject’s consent, knowing it might be embarrassing. These are all examples of Cyberbullying. And it’s wrong. In order to stop cyberbullying we have to do a few simple steps. Don’t respond. If someone bullies you, remember that your reaction is usually exactly what the bully wants. It gives him or her power over you. Who wants to empower a bully? Yes, whatever the bully says to you may upset you, but if you pretend that it doesn’t, They will leave alone, all the bully want’s is to hurt you and you have to be strong and stand up for yourself, by pretending it doesn’t bother you or hurt you, that’ll teach them. Don’t retaliate. Getting back at the bully turns you into one and reinforces the bully’s behavior. Help…