Cyberbullying: Should People Be Persecuted for Insensitive Comments on Social Media? Essay

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Every day she comes home and opens Facebook and every day it’s the same thing people say “why is she still here”, “go die in a whole”, “slut”, “how much for night 1,2 LOL”. She finally can’t take it anymore; she finds a hanger and a belt. In less than two hours there are 3 police cars, 1 ambulance and 2 reporters outside her house. There all there for the same thing … the dead 16 year old girl and her suicide note. This 16-year-old girl is one of very many people in the United States that commit suicide because of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying often occurs when hateful comments are made on social media. Are youth should be prosecuted for statements made of social media but only under certain circumstances. If people get prosecuted for statements made on social media sometimes there just making a funny remark. So I believe if an individual is going to be prosecuted, then they should do some research on the statement the individual made.
Many people use Internet to directly attack people and most teen’s even think its funny.
“When teens were asked why they think others cyberbully, 81% said that cyberbullys think its funny.” There’s something wrong with this generation and they need to be thought a lesson, so if the same person repeatedly is attacking someone then I believe they should be prosecuted. Cyberbullying can cause some serious damage to a person’s life. Some people get trust issues or are really cautious all the time because they were cyberbullyed as a child “60% of targets said that their online experience as a target of cyberbulling affected them at school, home, and with friends reported experiencing feeling of frustration, anger and sadness.” By getting cyberbullyed most people don’t have anyone to go to so they bullied a wall to block people out. And most of the time its really hard to brake that wall down. They think by building a wall there saving themselves from getting hurt. Though what they don’t realize is that they’re hurting themselves. Cyberbullying is a common problem and it need to be stopped before people think its ok to make someone’s life miserable. “20% of youth ages 11-18 have been victims of cyberbulling.” I actually have a connection to cyberbullying. This girl I know was a victim of cyberbullying and if it wasn’t for her friends and families I would have lost some one very der to me. Cyberbullying kills and it shouldn’t take several 16 year old girls dead in their rooms for people to see there needs to be a stop