Cybercrime: Cloud Computing Essay

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Cybercrime David Case

Cybercrime covers such a broad scope of criminal activity. The most common form of cybercrime is identity theft, in which criminals use the Internet to steal personal information from other users. Therefore it is smart to protect yourself by using antivirus and spyware blocking software and being careful where you enter your personal information.

Cybercrime today is defined as a young person tormenting, threatening, harassing, or embarrassing another young person using the Internet or other technologies, like cell phones. This includes anything from downloading illegal music files to stealing millions of dollars from online bank accounts. Cybercrime also includes non-monetary offenses, such as creating and distributing viruses on other computers or posting confidential business information on the Internet. This includes login information, such as usernames and passwords, phone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and other information criminals can use to "steal" another person's identity. Cybercrime is the latest and perhaps the most complicated problem in the cyber world. The use and advancement of technology has increased different types of crimes like the following; terrorism, black marketing, and theft crimes. Millions of people around the world use computers and the internet everyday. We all use it in school, work even at home, computers have made us life easier, it has brought so many benefits to society but it has also brought some problems, cybercrimes is one of them. The internet could be considered a type of community of computer networks, therefore we could consider it a society. Like in every society, in the internet there is commerce, education, entertainment, and of course there is crime, cybercrime. Real life society has police and laws to regulate people actions, unfortunately right now the internet is missing this type of control. Governments around the world need to work together to find a solution to this problem. The solution is in the creation and implementation of international laws that deal specifically with cybercrimes.
To be able to understand cybercrimes we need to know where it all started, it all started with the birth of the internet. To what extent should the government be protecting the public from the dangers of the Internet? The Internet has revolutionized the way people live their lives around the globe. Aside from making much of the world’s information available to the average person, it has become a large force in the world economy. The number of global Internet users is growing by large amounts every day and criminals have taken notice. Because of this growth, computer-based crimes are increasing at a substantial rate and are targeting individual consumers. Computer crimes come in many forms but the majority of computer crime involves the theft and misuse of information to benefit the perpetrator. Identity theft is the fastest growing segment of computer crime but there are many others such as purchased merchandise that is never delivered, credit card fraud, and auction fraud. The government has the duty to track down these criminals and prosecute them for their crimes but many computer related crimes are challenging to prosecute because the criminals reside in foreign countries. Cyber crime is the new breed of crime, which is either perpetrated using computers, or is otherwise related to them. Its origin can be traced to the growing dependence on computers in modern life. Cyber crime has assumed sinister implications today as everything from microwave ovens and refrigerators to nuclear power plants is being run on computers.Today, the world is moving towards a point where everything from banking stock exchanges, are traffic control, telephones to electric power, health care, welfare and education depends on software. This exponential growth, and the increase in the capacity and accessibility of