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CYP Core 3.1 - Understand Child and Young Person Development

1.1 Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth – 19 years

0-3 Years:

Within weeks of baby being born they will be able to respond to hearing sounds, recognize voices and the environment around them and start to smile. Within in 6 months, they will start to reach for objects and try to hold them also to put them in their mouth as their muscles begin to develop so they will be exploring different things throughout the stage and trying to hold their heads, trying to push themselves up, rolling around on their tummy.
When they get to the age of one, they will begin to start crawl or just shuffling across the floor, pushing themselves up to try and stand and teething and it will continue through when they become 2, gaining their strength to be able to start walking unaided and getting objects for themselves, banging things together and maybe be able to hold a pencil or crayon on a piece of paper. They will soon learn to develop to shake and nod their head to communicate little and pointing at things when they want something. They will start on solid food as they would be at the stage of teething. They might show separation anxiety from adults who are close to them from between 1-2 years old and find other comfort e.g. blanket or a teddy to comfort them more. They will be more co-operative with other people and play with other children but can be distracted with other things and not to do one thing at a time.
Between the age of 2-3 they will start exploring more especially with crayons and pencils drawing on things as they are able to get a grip on it and knowing how to mark making or scribble. They would start able to build things higher with their objects and learning how to hold things, throwing things across the room e.g throwing ball across, kicking the ball and building blocks higher than usual. They will be more independence of doing things but will become very frustrated quickly when they are unable to do it by themselves.
Children’s language development is usually begins for the first three months as they will begin by learning how to use their voice and getting involved in vocal play but babies will watch the facial expressions and sounds that are made also learn body movement, try to copy other people and making sounds. They will develop their feelings- e.g displaying in crying, laughing, squealing and making new sounds. When they reach up to 2 years old, their speech will begin to develop a lot more as they will be responding more and able to understand words when they are listening and will try say the words they can hear gradually, their vocabulary could go up to 150 words of anything and use the words to phrase and small sentences. They will get to the stage of asking a lot of questions and their speech will make progress into longer sentences and will learn to understand more of pronouncing words, names, places etc. By 3 years old, their vocabulary could go up to 700 words of anything.

3-7 Years:

They gain more independence when they become 3 years old as their mobility start to grow stronger, they are able to stand properly and to walk, run around, jump, climbing, able to catch and understanding more things as in able to do a little puzzle, being creative and able to dress and undress but with help from parents but they will be more co-operative more.
At 4 years old, there are two different motor skills between girls and boys when they reach to that age as for boys, they would be more boisterous climbing everywhere, running, learning how to pedal, throwing things and aiming things with different objects, building different things whereas the girls motor skill would be more gentle as in developing the use of scissors, holding pencils to draw and colour as well as trying thread small things.
They will have more control of holding things, able to write slowly learning how to write a letter or shape and drawing people