Cypop 5 Task 6 Essay

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It is important to for me to have a good partnership with all parents and carers.
Parents and primary carers are the most important people in every child’s life. These are the people who children will learn their values, culture and religious beliefs and they will the most influence on a child’s attitude and development. These are the people who a child feels the most secure with and who know the child best. In fact current legislation such as the Children Act 1989 gives parents and carers definite rights when it comes to their child, e.g. choosing the school their child to go to, the right of information about their child’s progress, physical state, etc. In this respect it is very important for me as a childminder to establish good
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When caring for children it is very important to set routines in order to make my work easier and to enable myself to meet the individual’s needs. Routines will also help children feel secure and develop physically well and emotionally stable and are important for setting up good standards of personal hygiene. Routines help children learn to look after themselves and become independent. The routines I establish will depend on:
• The age of the children I look after
• The number of the children I look after
• The needs of the children
• The needs of the family
• The needs of my family
• Personal likes and dislikes

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I will try not to change my routines often unless necessary and appropriate as this will make the children confused and might affect their emotional development and/or behavior.
Routines will be discussed and agreed with parents and children if appropriate prior to being established. I will take into consideration children’s and parents’ wishes and preferences, the methods and practices which are appropriate for their lifestyle, religion, culture, traditions and beliefs and will try to fit these where and if