Cypop04 Promote Young Childrens Physical an Movement Skills Essay

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Explain why physical activity is important to the short and long term health and well being of children.
Physical activity supports a child’s overall health and well being. It helps with bodily development (i.e. muscle build up and heart and lung function). It helps tackle childhood obesity, promotes a positive attitude to sport, playing outside and other physical activities in later life.

Observe three different physical play activities in your setting. Using the observation reports identify the physical skills children are developing. You need to consider the movement skills travel, object control and balance and coordination.

Running races - Moves freely and with pleasure and confidence in a range of ways, Runs skilfully and
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Putting the obstacles in a circle means there is no beginning and end and the children can choose the path they take and what they want to play with. Being in a circle they are also presented with the next obstacle when they finish the one they are on, thus continuing their play and hopefully not losing interest. The hurdle height can easily be adjusted so children can climb under or step or jump over

List the opportunities children have within everyday routines to practice and develop physical skills
Why is it important that these opportunities are available for children to participate in

Writing table – using pens / pencils with greater control
Dressing up
Cars / dolls /small world play
Climbing frame
Cars & scooters
Various size and shaped balls

Each gives the children ways to practice their existing skills as well as learn new ones and find different ways of using those resources. The children are able to choose which of these they want to play with, which helps with development in other areas such as PSED and Communication as they discuss with their friends what they might want to do or how they want to use the resource, and obviously literacy skills and EAD with writing and