Cystic Fibrosis Essay

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Benjamin’s first problem is Ineffective Airway Clearance characterized by increased production of thick sticky cough, SOB/DOB so the two interventions for this problem are Physical Airway Clearance therapies and Antibiotic medication. The Physical airway-clearance therapies augment the mobilization and expectoration of secretions and have long been considered the cornerstone of therapy for the prevention and treatment of CF airway disease (Schechter, 2010). Along with antibiotic therapy, physiotherapy management is an important component in the treatment of the respiratory problems seen and has been shown to be of benefit in the removal of excess airway secretions and in the treatment of sensations of breathlessness (SOB) and decreased exercise activity and tolerance. In combination with an effective cough, physiotherapy ACTs used in the treatment of paediatric CF can consist of a number of different modalities including use of gravity to aid mucus transport—postural drainage (PD), external application of forces against the chest wall—percussion, vibrations, shaking, high-frequency chest wall compression (HFCC), breathing techniques—active cycle of breathing techniques (ACBT) and autogenic drainage (AD), devices designed to introduce positive pressure and/or oscillation into the airways—positive expiratory pressure (PEP) masks, flutter, cornet and accapela, intrapulmonary percussive ventilation (IPV), and physical activity and prescribed systemic exercise programmes (Rogers & Doull, 2005). Aggressive antibiotic therapy of bacterial airway infection is one of the main reasons for the dramatic increase in life expectancy of patients with cystic fibrosis. In patients infected with P. aeruginosa, antibiotic therapy is guided both by the clinical course of the…