D & A Case Study: Physical Therapist

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D/A: Mr. Brown PET/CAT Scan on 02/16/17 was cancelled due to time conflict with his dialysis treatment. The Nurse will reschedule his PET/SCAN appointment in the upcoming week. The Christiana Care Home Health Physical Therapist visited Mr. Brown on 02/10/17 at Connections Still Road Group Home. According to the Physical Therapist notes on 02/10/17, it states “patient tolerated treatment well.” The patient should continue with the current plan of care. Mr. Brown was visited by the Christiana Care Home Health Physical Therapist again on 02/13/17. According to the Physical Therapist notes, it states that “patient tolerate treatment well with rest periods between activity due to fatigue. The Physical Therapist recommended that patient should continue with current plan of care and to perform his home care program daily to improve current function. Mr. Brown met with his Psychiatrist Dr. Capiro on 02/13/17. Dr. Capiro provided Mr. Brown a direct service …show more content…
Brown refused to eat breakfast and furiously threw his breakfast in the trash can. During the 8am-4pm shift, Mr. Brown defecated on the bathroom floor and didn’t clean it up before getting into the shower to take bath. On 02/13/17 and 02/16/17, Mr. Brown showered independently; staff cleaned his room and assisted with his laundry. On 02/16/17, Mr. Brown was incontinent while in bed, he woke up and washed himself up. Mr. Brown went out with his Case Manager (this writer) at the Family Court House on 02/15/17 to get a copy of his divorce certificate. The Family Court House didn’t find any record of the consumer divorce certificate, because he files his divorce at another Family Court House located in Wilmington. The family Court request consumer divorce certificate to be sent to them for pick up the following week. On 02/15/17, Mr. Brown and his Case Manager went to the local store to buy body wash. Staff noted in the communication log that on 02/16/17, that Mr. Brown smells of