D Is For Detention: A Short Story

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D is for Detention

It was a normal day at school, I went to my locker number 38 and got out my books and lanyard. After that I went straight to my homeroom. Ms.Merritt was my homeroom teacher. And while she wasn’t looking I broke one of the rules.
I got a piece of gum from a friend, it was spearmint. I love the taste of spearmint bubblegum. I always have. I knew it was bad but, it is my favorite kind of gum. I thought I would just secretly chew it without them knowing.
I went through geography. They didn’t notice. I went through the hallway. They still didn’t notice. Lastly, I went through most of English, and she didn’t notice until almost the end of the class.
We played a game to prepare for the test coming up and we also played drills.