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An evaluation of the planning and implementation undertaken in terms of meeting the purpose, aims and objectives of the issues affecting the elderly project
What was our aim, purpose and objective & did we met them?
Our aim was to raise awareness of how the elderly are affected by issues such as dementia, poverty etc. and also for us to have gathered relevant information for the topic and put it in the form of a booklet. Leading onto our objective was to work effectively as a team, which we had to learn to do this in order to complete the project. Also including meeting deadlines is essential as we needed to complete the project in order to submit it and get feedback in order not to fail. All in which we achieved.
Discuss how you allocated groups. How did you decide what research to do and who would do it?
The way our groups were formed was that we picked ourselves (the students), we picked those in our friendship groups. The way we decided what to research and who should do what is by putting our names into a hat and randomly selecting for instance who would do dementia and the conclusion or who would do loneliness etc.
Discuss if you held meetings and how you recorded information.
We held meetings whenever we were in school whether in class or in the library, this way it was more convenient and we could converse and discuss the work we had in front of us and also talk to our teacher. We recorder the information in a book after every meeting we had and all the things we needed to add in the booklet or change in order not to forget.
Did you set deadlines and chase each other. Was there a group leader?
There was no group leader; it was just a team effort to chase each other up to see whether or not we had finished the work. Yes we did have deadlines as seen in our Gantt chart.
How did you communicate with each other and gather the research into a completed booklet.
We communicated with each other through our phones and email. We would sent each other emails of what we had done, so the other could check if it was correct and for some diagrams that we allocated to people in the group that everyone had to have a copy of. We gathered the research from the internet and textbooks and then put in in our booklet. Once we had all gathered the information from each topic we were given we all then put it in a booklet to complete it.

A reflection on what was learned from the whole process of the issues affecting the elderly project
Work break down sheet:
A work breakdown sheet is a diagram that shows the task that needed to be completed, by whom and the start and end date.
Yes I did find this helpful because it showed us what needed to be completed, by who and when by and we were able to refer to this when we were unsure.
The problem it helped overcome was meeting deadlines because it stated when each of needed to finish the tasks allocated to us.
Gantt chart:
A Gantt chart is a diagram that shows the amount of work completed in certain periods of time relative to the amount planned for those periods.
This played a big part in helping us achieve our aim and yes I did find this useful. It is very similar to the work breakdown sheet and the CPA and helped in similar ways.
This helped us overcome the problems of knowing what tasks we needed to complete. It was used as a guidance and we were able to see what tasks we had to finish left.
The Critical Path Analysis is a diagram which lays out the activities that are needed to complete a task and the time it will take to complete the activities.
Yes it did help us achieve our aim as we were able to keep the progression and completion of the project on track and ensure that deadlines were met.
It helped us overcome the problem of prioritising. It showed us what takes we needed to prioritize first in order to finish the project.
What problems did they help you overcome?

Justification of the methodology used during the project life cycle of the issues affecting the elderly project