Essay on D1- Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Use of Techniques in Marketing Products in One Organisation

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I will evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing techniques used by Cadbury. Overall the marketing techniques used by Cadbury have worked out extremely well, for every technique used, Cadbury have come out successful, they have made millions in profit. They continue to make lots of new products and gain more and more customers at the same time.

Where Cadbury has used the marketing strategy of branding they have been massively successful, their logo is iconic, it is recognised worldwide, it is most recognised in the U.K this is more than likely due to the fact that Cadbury originates from the U.K, so it advertised more. The logo has been around for many decades now it has weaved its way into people's perception of what chocolate is,
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The randomness of the advert also made it memorable for the viewer, it made them curious and it resulted in an increase in sales for Cadbury's. Previously Cadbury had been quite weak when it came to advertisements, at one point they only produced one advert and that was supporting the television show Coronation Street, this cost Cadbury so much that they made little profit at the time, so they knew that things that had to change, the problems that Cadbury did have with the strategy were dealt with and now they are a huge success. Cadbury have been smart, they have jumped on the social networking bandwagon, they have official accounts on all major social networking site e.g. Facebook and Twitter. These are cheap and simple ways of reaching a humongous number people. Market penetration has been a very successful strategy used by Cadbury, it made the company memorable, cheap and enticed people to buy more of their products, therefore making Cadbury more money.

Market development, Cadbury have used this strategy in a creative way to reach a new audience. They created a café, Café Cadbury, this was an innovative and inventive method of reaching a new audience. People who previously may not purchase Cadbury products may be tempted to when in the café, when they're presented