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Research - http://www.out-law.com/page-428

Task 5 D1 - evaluate the statutory protection given to a consumer in their dealings with a business.
You are to write a report and using the contracts researched in Task1 you will evaluate the statutory protection given to a consumer in their dealings with the Business.

You should give a judgement based on evidence you have collected for M1, about how well the law protects the consumer and business including damages and equitable remedies

You should include an evaluation of the court process, features of the process and suggesting ways to resolve the dispute. Consideration must be given to the effectiveness of remedies – could include problems with enforcement for example

Much of this will relate to the validity of contract terms.

This contract that I have evaluated gives both the protection to the consumer and the business itself. The customers are always made sure that they receive the best possible service from the company of Real Computers Limited. The company receive full protection on any fraud/issues that could arise from the process of their business.
As shown on my Merit 1 work I have included the section about INDEMNIFICATION. This part provides evidence that the company is being protected. The customer must state any indemnify the Supplier against all claims, costs and expenses which the Supplier may incur and which arise, directly or indirectly. This is showing to say that the customer must provide the business with the information, to make sure the business is fully protected and mislead in any