Essay on D2- Evaluate the Influence of Two Major Theories of Ageing on Health and Social Care Provision.

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Health and social care level 3- Unit 4-
D2- Evaluate the influence of two major theories of ageing on health and social care provision.
During the aging process, the elderly may take different approaches to aging and may apply to different theories of aging such as the disengagement theory and the activity theory. All elderly individuals will deal with aging in different ways, they may wish to stay active or they may wish to disengage themselves due to depression or they may be unable to deal with the processes of becoming older. Both of these theories of aging have completely different thoughts and views of the aging process.
There are many services which are available to the elderly population, these services are usually provided to
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Meals- There are two types of programs available. Volunteers in programs such as "Meals on Wheels" can deliver meals. Upon delivery of the meal, the volunteer will also check on the well-being of the recipient. The second form is communal or group meals for the elderly, usually served at a senior centre. Recreational activities may be supplied as well. Depending on the situation the programs may be free or there may be a small nominal fee.
These services will help the elderly as many individuals are unable to cook healthy nutritious meals for themselves, they may be unable to afford healthy food or some people who are depressed or disengaged will not feel the need to eat regular meals. So services such as these will help keep them healthy and eating nutritious meals without the struggle.
Financial Assistance- Paying bills, balancing check books, submitting insurance forms, tax preparation.
As many elderly people have a state pension, this is sometimes not enough to cover the cost of bills and food bills etc. Once retired elderly people cannot work so sometimes lack of things they need due to insufficient funds, so these kinds of services help the elderly lead a healthy life without money worries and are able to live comfortably.
Senior Apartment Living- This type of living is usually government subsidized and adjustable accordingly to the senior's income. They usually are conveniently