DBQ: The Industrial Revolution

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England sparked a new age in the world know as the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution is still affecting the world today in many different and positive ways. The Industrial Revolution is… England industrialized first for many reasons. Britain's large population of workers, abundance of natural resources, and political stability allowed the Industrial Revolution to start in England. The first reason that Britain industrialized first was because, it had a large and growing population. Most of the Britain's citizens were workers. “People left other occupations and came to spinning for the sake of the high wages” (Document 2). This document is important because it tells us that many of the citizens left their jobs to go work in …show more content…
Many other countries during this time had and struggling politics system but Britain was strong. “The stream of English scientific thought was one of the main tributaries of the industrial revolution” (Document 5). This document is important because it states that scientists and inventors were able to work freely without restrictions, because of England's forward thinking political system. England became the center point for innovation during this time. “It is clear that the political and economic freedom in england was one of the causes of her industrial expansion” (Document 9). This document has a lot of resilience, because it tells us that the political freedom that Britain had was unlike and other countries. This freedom pushed england into the era of the Industrial Revolution. England was the heart of the Industrial Revolution. Its large amount of natural resources, working population, and political stability made the revolution possible. The expanse of the the revolution throughout England happened and a constant and rapid pace. The british citizens liked and embraced the changes that the revolution brought. Overall, one could say that the Industrial Revolution would have been set back many years, or not have even happened at all without