DNIMAS Tutor Reflection Paper

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I have tutored and mentored through two organizations at Norfolk State University, Student Support Services and Dozoretz National Institute for Mathematics and Applied Sciences, DNIMAS. As a tutor for Student Support Services majority of my tutor hours was spent reading tutees’ papers ranging from lab reports to analysis of historical events. I mainly focused on providing feedback on essay structure, complexity, coherency, and appropriate elaboration of the ideas expressed within the text. At Student Support Services I was also fortunate enough to gain experience tutoring non-traditional students. This allowed me to expand on my methods originally employed as a tutor so that age, or even a culture difference, was not a barrier to tutor-tutee communication. As a tutor for DNIMAS most of my experience was centered around tutoring lower classmen in the subjects of general chemistry and biology in group and individual sessions. Employing different techniques, providing learning material outside of tutoring sessions, and patience were vital to the success of the tutees. …show more content…
My personal agenda as a mentor was to improve the academic and professional development of my mentees. This included revising their résumé ensuring they were updated and in a presentable state, and encouraging them to do internships associated with their field of study. Aside from the academic and professional improvements, I also wanted to be someone that they felt comfortable talking to when they needed advice. I wanted to guide the freshman to ensure a smooth transition from high school so that they were not hindered by the choices they made when exposed to a new environment, freedom, and high academic