Essay Dad and his mom goes up to the doctor and catch some fish and gets eaten by a sjhark

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Kevin Darway
Professor Clovia Feldman
April 22, 2014
Third Essay

“The Jilting of Granny Weatherall,” written by Katherine Anne Porter, the main character, Granny Weatherall rests in bed on the last day of her life thinking about her past. In her final hours with her children at her bedside, Granny reflects on her life and ponders her upcoming death. She keeps thinking back on the memories of her life. Almost against her will, her thoughts return to an incident that occurred more than sixty years ago. She remembered her fiancé George. Despite the fact that she had a normal and orderly life, her mind returns to the agony and disappointment she felt the day George jilted her at the altar. Granny realizes that her time is running out and she’s dying. She seems not ready in the last moments of her life. She found death in her mind and it felt unfamiliar. She feels unready on how her life turned out to be. However, in the last moments of her life, she looked for a sign, some assurance of an afterlife. Granny worries about what will happen if she can’t find Hapsy, Granny’s favorite child who may have died during child birth. She looks for a sign from God, but no one comes. This absence is the worst sorrow of all, and she feels she has been jilted again and she dies. In cases of death people think about their life differently and Granny Weatherall is doing just that. The film that was based on the short…