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Dagi Tadesse
September 30, 2014
Global 10

During the Scientific revolution and Enlightenment, there were many philosophes and scholars that challenged the traditions and authorities of society. In the 1500-1800’s in Europe the Scientific Revolution was a new way of thinking about the modern world; based upon careful observations and a willingness to question accepted beliefs. The Enlightenment was an intellectual movement that stressed reason and thought and the power of individuals to solve problems. Both movements had a significant impact on European society. The Enlightenment was a philosophic movement of the 17th century ran by a rejection of traditional, social religions and political ideas. For example Rousseau, a great philosopher believed in individual freedom and that only good governments can be formed by the people. Many people agreed with Rousseau ideas, so it was put in our constitution the General Will. In the 17th century society believed that the king is justified by a god. During the time of the Enlightenment society to doubted and questioned. Before tradition and authority were challenged, Europe was ruled by absolute monarchies and believe in the divine rights. The majority of the people had no say in the government, and had no rights. For example John Lock idea of natural right would be violated, therefore allowing rebellious acts. During the time of the Enlightenment powers of government changed dramatically. Montesquieu idea of separate power. His idea was to make three branches, Legislative, Executive and Judicial. The idea behind this was so of person would not have all the power. The powers of Europe changed from absolute monarchy to a fair government. The Scientific Revolution was the emergence of modern science during the mid-1500s. This was a time of mathematical, physics and astronomical advancements etc. For example Copernicus’s heliocentric theory was proven to be right, but at the time his theory still did not explain why the planets orbited the way they did. Copernicus new that many people including the church would reject his theory because it contradicted the churches religious views. Before the Scientific Revolution people in society got all of their knowledge from old Greek writing and the church. The church’s idea of how the universe is was called the Geocentric Model. This was