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Good Evening Ladies and gentleman
Before I continue onto summarising my team’s case, I would like to start with some rebuttal.
Now to summarise my team’s case. Tim, first speaker points were:

1. The quality of the education suffers for the individual.
He said that when university is free the quality of the education suffers and drops dramatically. And without fees, the university will become reliant on the government for funding. Do you really want another tax hike to pay for this? He also stated that lecturers already have a hard enough time connecting with students, Free university would put a further strain on them. When students are paying fees and there is a flow on effect to high quality programs and degrees are achieved. Successful Universities only work if they are providing high quality education, which needs funding.

2. Free University education unjustly benefits one side of society at everyone’s expense
He moved on to say that not everyone attends university in our society. And that is because many do not go simply because they do not wish to. If university is free more people are likely to go “just because they can”. Thus causing a lower standard of tertiary education. Free University education unjustly benefits one side of society at everyone’s expense. This is apparent as not everybody attends university and yet everyone would pay. It is also clear through the notion that it is hard even in countries where university is free for lower class people to break free from their economic states and attend university. At this…