Essay on Daisy: Comedy and Biggest Pet Peeve

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Pet Peeve Most people get annoyed by the way someone chews, how slow someone walks, or people with horrible grammar. I understand each and every single one of those annoyances, but in my eyes, what really annoys me the most is when people talk excessively! I'm more of that chill laid back dude, and when I see someone who just doesnt know when to stop their talking, man, I swear I just want get up and salp them. Some people just go hours on end talking, topic after topic. I have a few family members who when we're all together, they could start talking about monkeys and end up talking about crayons. These people dont really care what it is that they're talking about, as long as the talking goes on and on. What it is about these people is that they go story after story without even remembering where they started, or even noticing that they've repeated the same thing about two or three times. Most of the time these "excessive talkers" don't care whether what they're saying has any value at all to the people that they're talking to. Almost all of the time what these people want is for whoever it is that they're talking to, to agree with everything that it is that they're saying. You could give them an ugly look or tell them to please stop talking, but they still wont stop talking, they won't care, they'll only think that you're fooling around with them. It feels as if they don't realize that other people are getting annoyed or bored with them. Sometimes it sucks to see them there talking and talking, and everyone just getting annoyed word per word. That does not necessarly mean that I want them to keep talking, its just that they're practically making a complete fool out of themselves. Yes, I do have a great sense of humor, I'm very much of a people person,