Dam the Brazillian Government Essay

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Brazil is the home of the world’s largest rainforest with the second longest river in its boundaries, the Amazon. How would you feel knowing that this beauty of nature, which provides water for the Indigenous Brazilian tribes, native flora and fauna and makes the soli fertile for next year’s seedlings to grow is being dammed? This makes me feel ashamed and sorrowful to be human because the damming is going to damage so much of the Amazon and kill so many animals. Don’t you think you should feel the same?
The Brazilian Government plan the Belo Monte Monster Dam which is a proposed hydroelectric dam complex on the Xingu River, a branch of the Amazon. This dam will be one of the most energy inefficient dams in the history of Brazil. The £7 Billiion Belo Monte Dam will only produce 10% of its 11,233 megawatt installed capacity during the 3-5 month long dry season. Average of only 4,462 mw throughout the year or 39% of its normal capacity.
The Brazilian government is moving ahead “at any cost” with plans to build the Belo Monte Monster Dam, the third largest dam in the world. The dam is scheduled to start producing energy on 31 Dec 2014. If the government go ahead with their plans, 80% of the Xingu River will be diverted from its original course. Disrupting tens of thousands of Indigenous people and harming the largest tropical rainforest.
600 species of animals can only found in the Xingu river and if it becomes dammed, these species are likely to become endangered or…