Damara And Kankri's Love

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This is just for reg so ignore it please UuU So here I'll put something long so it will accept it hmmmm oh yes DamKri headcanons yesssss.

Damara and Kankri meet through Hourus, who blossum a healthy Black relationship. Over time, Damara gets abusive, causing Porrim to step in when it gets too bad. This snaps Damara back. Realizing what she did to Kankri she begins to pity him, wanting to become Pale with him, although he still harbors black feelings for her. Over time in their session, Damara manages to remove Kankri's black feelings for her, and they end up being Pale. As Damara starts to learn about Kankri's issues, she starts flushing for him, and drops hints of it often. Kankri begins to teach Damara english and how to be 'modest' and not offend people while Damara teaches Kankri to relax, talk less, and say more. Slowly Damara teaches Kankri to feel red again, since he had been denying all red feelings for anyone after the 'accident', but Kankri ends up flushing for Latula instead of Damara, despite knowing Damara was flushed for him and pale blocked her when she confessed. Damara constantly torturing herself on other outcomes that could have taken place, which Kankri tortures himself and Damara, who helps him as his Moirail, over his flush crush on Latula.

Hourus had also introduced Damara to Rufioh, his Matesprit. Damara didn't really enjoy Rufioh's company, although Rufioh would constantly try to get Damara's attention. She was too busy dealing with Kankri to pay attention to Rufioh. Rufioh hadn't realized how flushed he was for Damara until Hourus managed to