Damsel in Discovery Essay

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This course, Leadrship in Organization, has been a journey of self-discovery. I have learned so much about myself. I feel I have been able to look within myself and see what I have to offer as a leader of the future. In this self-evaluation I have determine there are things that seem to strengthen me as a leader. I have had the realization that there are things I must work on in order to continue to develop as a leader as well. Ultimately, this course has taught me how to use these things as way to become a true leader. Moreover, I have learned so many important lessons that could be applied to my life. To provide a roadmap for my journey of self-discovery, there will be several different stops along the way. These stops include applications of various leadership theories, the centrality that ethics has to leadership, the presence of gender issus relating to leadership.
My strengths as a leader are task competence, the need to achieve, capacity to motivate, capacity to manage, decide, set priorities, confidence, ascendance, dominance, and assertiveness. I have learned from my leadership strengths that when I make a plan or have a vision I tend to take to charge and inspire others through setting an example. I am always looking forward with a deep desire to serve. I like to think of myself as a developer. I help others learn through teaching and coaching. An example of this is I coach a youth basketball team and with these kids I try to instill the values of hard work, dedication, and teamwork. I think there is more to any game than playing the game; there are keyed leadership lessons even for children. My weaknesses as a leader are sharing power and responsibility, staying balance, and knowing and controlling my appetites for power, money, and success. I have learned through the evaluation of my weaknesses that I must constantly be learning in order to continually to improve myself. I am an advocate that learning is a life-long process. An example of this is with every encounter I try to take something from it. For instance, with this experience I am taking my new self-awareness of my weakness and strengths in order to change for the better. At times I am overly eager to accept responsibilities. I must master the technique of letting go and delegating. Overall, I must learn to stay balance. I think if I can do this I would benefit by having a higher energy level and physical durability in order to function well under prolonged stress and to keep going in order achieve the common goal. I think what I have learned most about myself through this course is I have a tendency to take charge in a group setting. A significant lesson that I will take with me for the rest of my life is when dealing with groups of people the whole