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Dana White
Mrs. White
English IV
Trust Means Everything What is trust? Trust is covering yourself in gaseoline and handing someone a lighter. Trust is hard to win, easilty lost and never fully regained. Trust is absolutly necessary for a relationship to be successful. As a class I read a book called “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time”. In this book, there is multiple examples of why trust is essential in maintaining a relationship. I agree with the author of this book in saying that trust is extremly important. Sometimes its best to keep certain commets and secrets to yourself to keep order in many cases. With this, it is not okay to keep major secrets to ones self that will later haunt you and or make one regret ones decision to keep such a secret. “I did it for your good, Christopher. Honestly I did. I never meant to lie.”, said Christophers father on page 114. I understand somewhat that Mr.Boone (Christopher’s father), tried to keep his son Christopher from wondering where his mother is by saying that she (Christopher’s mother, Mrs.Boone) was very sick and that she died of a heart attack. With this being said by Christopher’s, this kept Christopher for feeling like her (Mrs.Boone) leaving would be his fault. In a way, it is Christopher’s fault that Mrs.Boone decided to leave. But, in a way it was both parents fault for not paying attention to their sons special needs. And this was one reason of Mrs. Boone leaving her son and husband behind. Serious lies can lead to distrust in a family. Lying with good measure is one thing, but unecessary lies will only bring harm in my opinion. In the book (Curious Incident), Mr.Boone once again loses his son Christophers trust by keeping another big secret to himself. Mr.Boone kills Mrs.Shears Dog (Wellington) with a garden fork. Throughtout the whole book,