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Dance Analysis 1
Courtney Hoblock The dance titled “Propel” was performed entriely by 4 men, and was set to piece of music with guittar and drums. The dance had both solo and group elements, it began with the group of 4 performing movements together, transitioned to solos, then to couples, and finally in the group again. and one of the most characterizing features was the dancer that was in a wheelchair. The main purpose of the dance was to highlight the strength of brotherhood, despite each man's personal differences. The use of formations in the dance was very purposeful. The beginning of the dance had all 4 men moving within one diagonal plane, back and forth. The movements were also very quick and forceful, as if frantic or urgent. This showed how each was confined within the walls of their prejudices at first, but trying to break free. Also, the solo portion of the dance put a lot of distance in between the dancers, they were each in the very far corners of the stage. This, again, shows how they isolated themselves from others because the brotherhood was not yet present in the dance at this point. When the dancers moved to the center in one group, it became clear that a connection had been forged. Their movements (handshakes, placing one's hand on another's shoulder, etc.) showed a sense of kindness to the others; it was a sign of friendship. In addition to space, time was an important element. There were times when the dancers were making fast and forceful movements during a slow part in a song and vice versa. It was evident that a challenge in this dance was overcoming that one of the…