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Part One: Concepts

1) Describing art-making

Memories and Music
The memories and music assignment was a project that involved us relating a song to a personal memory. The idea was to find a song by any artist and describe a personal memory that it relates to. The lyrics, emotions and feelings of the song were supposed to describe something specific in your past. The main characteristics of this artwork were music and media coming together. The idea was to use music to sense an emotion inside and to be able to relate.
Portrait a Day
The portrait a day assignment was a project that involved us capturing 35 pieces of artwork; specifically one artwork each day for 35 days. The idea was to use one of the 5 disciplines to create an artwork each day. For example you could write a poem each day about something that happened, or draw a picture of the best thing you ate that day or maybe you could collect an object from that day that has some importance; basically anything that had to do with that particular day was acceptable. At the end of the assignment you would have 35 pieces of art that represented your past 35 days. The projects purpose was to consistently (daily) be creating art.

I chose to describe Memories and Music and Portrait a Day assignments because they were the most enjoyable assignments for me to work on. They both were related to myself personally and I was able to show my life through my art. For the Memories and Music assignment I chose the song Waka Waka by Shakira. It is an extremely personal song to me and every time I hear it the same memory comes to mind. This song relates to me because when I was in Africa this past summer it was the song all the kids were singing with me! They all knew the words and I can still hear them singing it today. “zamnina nina eh eh waka waka eh eh zamnina nina zecelagwa its time for Africa” would be the line we all would sing. For the Portrait a Day assignment I recorded my meals, hockey, work, school, music lessons and free time on a calendar and then made a chart that showed all the time spent over 35 days on these things. It was like my life for 35 days.

The artist that has influenced my art majorly would be my grandpa. He is an amazing photographer and I take my pictures in his footsteps. My grandfather retired and got really into photography, he has 2 or 3 different kinds of cameras and reads books and magazines on anything to benefit himself when it comes to taking pictures. Everywhere he goes he has his camera and is literally documenting every moment. He truly is dedicated to photography and has new pointers for me every time I see him.

Part Two: Dolk and the Video Dance Routine

1) Comparing the style (5 disciplines) of art making of these two artworks -music
-visual art
-media art

The style of the first artwork by Dolk is a visual art. The style of the second artwork (So You Think You Can Dance routine) is a dance. The visual image is black and white spray paint on canvas and you can sense the structure of a male and female although the faces are not determined. The dance routine is a male and a female kind of battling against each other and going back and forth between love and hate in a sense. Both styles are different yet have the same ideas….

2) Compare the content (ideas/concepts) of these two artworks

Dolk’s visual art piece is a black and white graffiti picture. By looking at the picture you get the idea that the graffiti is of two people kind of intertwined and interacting with each other. By looking at the picture you get a sense of intensity between the two- they have hold of each other. The two people in the image have one hand on the side of the others face with a solid grip; this makes the mood of the viewer kind of stressed and wondering what exactly the people are thinking of each other.
The dance routine consists of two people dancing kind of against each other. Again you feel the