"Dance" by "Ramdas Bhandarkar" Role Of Men Essay

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"Dance" by "Ramdas Bhandarkar" Role Of Men The Poem "when i look at the sky i see the clouds dance into steps of winds."(personification)
The author Ramdas Bhandarkar, looks into the sky and sees the cloudsmove in such a way that it makes him want to dance" The headless crown of palm trees with wide open hands dance, watching them dance trees start their dance"(imagery) the words that he is now choosing to use to describe his surroundings are very descriptive: he paints a vivid image in his readers minds."let no other see the pain in your heart dance hide it with that unfailable lips on which smile may dance tune your steps with eternal dance"(theme) For this author, dancing makes him happy; I believe the underlying message to this poem is that you must conceal your negative feelings with a smile. This poem is ultimately about"dancing." Dance is a symbol to represent the way people act. There's laziness dance"."love and kindness dance". and even "hunger dance".
"The Hunger Games" by:Suzanne Collins
The Book Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins made sure to use plenty of figurative language throughout the novel. Depending on what she was describing, She would change the words she would use to depict it. For example, "Prim's face is as fresh as a raindrop. "The book is written in first person from Katniss's perspective, so when describing her little sister,
Katness was peaceful. She created a delicate tone to portray her siblings innocence. Another quote. "My legs,arms,torso underarms, and parts of my eyebrows have been stripped of this stuff, leaving me like a plucked bird, ready for roasting."This is quite painful; Katniss illustrates how that the Capitol treats her as if they can manipulate her in any way they want to.
A symbol that