Essay Dance: Choreography and Prospective Interactive Choreographers

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Dance Appreciation

Dance Careers One of the careers of dance that I learned about in chapter 7 is choreography. Choreography is a learned skill as well as an art requiring many years of practice to develop natural gifts. It is the art of designing sequences of movements in which motion, form, or even both are specified. A choreographer can also be one who creates choreographies by practicing the art of choreography. There are many choreographers, and most of them have a unique method of creating a piece and working with dancers. Improvisation is one tool choreographers use to develop ideas, some choreographers even improvise on their own before bringing movement to the dancers. Planned choreography is another fundamental choreographic method. This is when a choreographer has set dance steps already made and the dancer has no opportunity to exercise imprecision. Usually when most choreographers have an idea they tend to work on the dance step by themselves for a period of time before they teach it to the dancers. Once they have gotten the dance moves down the next thing they would do is to select a song for the routine. There are many historical chorographers who changed and made a name for chirography. Schools like Dartmouth College, Ohio State University in Columbus, Arizona State University and Temple all started to integrate dance and technology to their institution. Schools even began offering workshops on this subject to prospective interactive choreographers. Chorography has opened a lot of