Dance: Dance and Art Form Essay

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Dance is a highly appreciated art form and sport that is practiced by hundreds of people, young or old. It exists in many genres and is available to anyone with a passion and drive. Many people falsely believe that dance is just an art form and do not consider it a sport, but on the other hand, dance is very much an art form and very much a sport. Dancers must be extremely athletic, able to practice and train hard for hours, and train in an extremely competitive environment. There a lot like the athletes on various sports teams.

In order to be successful, an athlete must be in peak physical form to thrive in his or her own sport. Dancers spend hours on end performing single movements in order to perfect them, Dancers know, a single mistake can cause an entire to dance to derail in an instant. They spend hours on end conditioning and strengthening their muscles to gain flexibility, power, and muscle strength. Dancers must have an incredibly strong core to handle and control the amount of movement that their body is performing. The difficult and strenuous workouts that dancers go through compare to those of any football, basketball, or soccer player. Dancers must not only be physically toned, but they must have high levels of stamina and endurance in order to survive their incredibly long rehearsals.

Athletes must prepare for each and every event they participate in. An athlete cannot succeed if they do not have the mental focus and physical strength for