Dance: Dance and Protein Spill Essay

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DancePlus was amazing. The performances were very entertaining. The music that accompanied the dances had a lot of variety as well. I really liked the dances, Love and Air and Protein Spill. Protein Spill was not like anything I have ever seen before. Both the dances, Love and Air and Protein Spill used costume designs and lots of dancers to convey the theme of the dance. Both the dances also expressed a lot of emotion as well. In Love and Air, I felt that the beginning was supposed to show how in love the couples were, specially the couple that was dressed in red. In the beginning the two dancers in red danced together, as if they were one person fusing together. The female was supported by the male and they danced in a contemporary ballet style dance in the beginning of the performance. In addition to the two dancers in red, two other dancers dressed in blue join them. The two dancers in red dance with each other and the two dressed in blue dance together, resembling the happiness of couples. Then the female in blue is supported by both the male in blue and male in red. I think this shows how a guy starts to leave or lose interest in a girl in a relationship. Soon after, lots of dancers in blue accompany them. At first when only the four dancers were performing, I thought it was symbolic of a strong and loving relationship but as more and more dancers entered and surrounded the other dancers; I thought the dance was showing how a person loses interest in a relationship and slowly drifts away. The male wearing the red dances only with the female in red in the beginning, but then slowly makes his way to the female in the blue by assisting her in lifts and jumps. After that, lots of dancers join in wearing blue. While everyone in blue dances with the male in red, the female in the red has her back turned the whole time. This makes me think of a guy in a relationship, who has lost interest in the person, he is with and goes out to meet other people slowly behind the girl’s back. The girl kind of notices it but there is not anything she can do about it and she hopelessly lets it happen. This is why she is still on the stage but her back is turned when everyone else is dancing. I kind of predicted on how the dance would end. All the dancers perform while she dances with her back turned to them. Eventually, all the dances would exit leaving her all by herself dancing gracefully but alone. This dance evokes sadness and pity for the female dancer left alone. This dance is for anyone who has ever had a failed relationship and their significant other leaves them for someone else. I like this performance a lot because it was high energy and very entertaining. The music that accompanied the dance was smoothing and up beat. I like the theme of this dance and definitely felt the emotions of the dance. Like Love and Air, I felt emotion that Protein Spill was trying to convey. Protein Spill was kind of hard to follow and I felt confused for some parts of the dance. The background to this dance helps to visionaly understand this performance. This dance was dedicated to a lost of a close friend, who has trouble getting over the lost of someone dear to them. This dance expresses the idea that unfortunate events happen without it being anyone’s fault and that there was not anything that could have been done to prevent what happen. This dance shows what a person goes though mentally after the lost of someone close as they work their way to accepting reality of the past events that occurred. The term “Protein Spill” originated in Disney to describe people throwing up when rides are being tested. The name of this dance contributes to the theme as accidents are bound to occur in order to make improvements. “Protein Spills” are a process has to occur and there is not much that can be done about it. This dance opens with sounds made by a car, a train, or a ride. The performers in the middle are dressed in red…