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Madana Kloss 5th Period

Evening of Dance
My favorite dances from the performance are Things Left Unsaid choreographed by
Jason Ambrose, Venus in Retrograde choreographed by Sidra Bell, and Restlessly eagered choreographed by Juel D. Lane. All the dances were very different from each other which was great because it kept the audience awake, you did not have people falling asleep from seeing the same thing over and over again. Overall rep2 had the most put together pieces during Evening of
Dance, Their choreography was more appealing and easier to understand than some of the other dances. The contrast between the ensembles is incredible the diversity and clarity of all the pieces really does bring a fresh breath of air the dance environment.
Things left unsaid was a very unique piece because of its diversity to be soft but at the same time very powerful and strong. While watching piece it almost gives you a sense of someone being lost and then eventually being supported again. It was beautiful to see you
Kaylin Strutevant being supported by all the other dancer. It was a coherent piece combining soft small and very long lines.Things left unsaid also had beautiful red dresses and red tights for the men I think that went very well with the theme and dance style of the piece. This piece to me contrasted restlessly eagered. Restlessly eagered had very sharp jagged lines I would say it wasn't a smooth dance necessarily. The music also kind of made it seem very choppy in the sense of movement and lines. The piece was very interesting to see almost an African contemporary. The costumes were a little confusing, it was hard to understand what they were portraying in the piece.

Venus in retrograde had similar styles to things left unsaid but also contrasted restlessly eagered. Venus retrograde was very interesting, I'm still trying to understand what the circles meant and what the little dances on the inside of the circles had to do with the overall picture.
The piece almost went through different phases. Through the small dances I could see different stories being portrayed. It was hard to tell exactly what the dancer was trying to invoke on the audience but I think that the audience overall got a sense of what the dancers are trying to portray. Things left unsaid also had very similar movements to Venus in retrograde .
Both pieces had lots of lines and very soft movement with also some strong and strengthening movement, there wasn't a lot of choppy or jagged movement in these two dance. Restlessly eagered was almost the only really choppy movement in all the dances. Actually the