Dance Party Experience Essay

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Nyleve Rosas
English1510: Description
Mrs. D’Agostino
March, 5
Tons of people standing outside in the freezing cold, It almost felt like we were animals getting ready to burst into a stampede in order to enter the venue. Excitement beyond belief, my mind was racing with the thoughts of what was going to happen. This was my first rave and the craziest night of my life. It was insane not having a break between the sick liquified sounding beat drops, and not being able to even catch your breathe from dancing so hard! My heart felt like a nail, beating out of my chest. It was even possible to hear the thump­thump coming from it. The venue itself was a huge 2 story building that was perfectly lit so you could see everything that surrounded you. The neon lights bouncing off the walls were extremely vibrant: Going from blue to green to red and back around again. The positive vibes that were surrounding me definitely had to be my favorite part. The harmony and happiness coming from everyone in the room was incredible. It was like a burst of positivity smacking you in the face. People that approached me, quickly turned into friends. It was fate for the sole purpose being we both were there for one thing: to have a great night. When the headliner began to scratch his most popular tracks, thats when the party was really about to start. Everyone’s bodies began to move in unison up­down back­ and forth over and over again. It almost felt as if you could feel the music