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Red Noses Picture yourself in the fourteenth century in villages of France, feeling weak and ill during the black plague. Just when you think all is lost, and feeling near your death. A clan of foolish looking people, brining humor and joy during such a rough time. In reality the black plague was gradually killing people left and right, with so much death around having laughter is unheard of. In the dark comedy preformed Red Noses By: Peter Barnes theres a unexpected plot and are numerous of characters and several who play more in-depth roles. I learned that even in the darkest and dullest situations there can be some humor and joy found.

After I watched the play, I had many thoughts and interests toward Red Noses. My opinion was totally altered from what I expected, coming to watch this performance. Some things I observed about the play was the humorous part of it, different types of paces, dancing and incorporating a cutting satire. A satire is a literary genre comprising such compositions. Personally I thought it was a little hard to understand at first but other than that a few minor mistakes. I really enjoyed this performance, I learned from it imagining my self in their position. I was intrigued from the historic aspect, also the journey of the travelers during the time of the Black Plague. Seeing that people will always have faith and hope, from having the roughest time to being able to find joy. As I continued to watch Red Noses I felt that I understood most of the humor, I noticed a couple different types of humor used from various characters weather its clever or funny. I felt I could understand the different characters and their roles. A priest (Father Flote) , a blind juggler, a team of one legged dancers, a comedian who stutters and finally a mute poet that communicates with bells.

As the play progressed there not many dances, the I observed the dancing, it began slow than started to pick up. One in particular that caught my eye was the last dance. During the last the dance the group of people joined in one by one. They moved formations into a circle, the being very smooth and at the end of the dance everyone died besides Flote. That being said while watching I experienced several different emotions as the play progressed. For example when watching the four monks enter the stage humming, as Flote falls to his knees (speaking to his lord). Watching multiple scenes in the beginning I was curious and interested in what was going on. Through the show the emotion from the audience including myself, changing from scene to scene. From being curious and interested went