Dance With The Devil Essay

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Dance with the devil

A young boy named William….

A young boy named William was trying his best to make a million. His poor old mother was working 12hour shifts to keep both of them alive. Meanwhile William was going to college and was studying hard. William and his poor ma lived in a ghetto central of New York. William felt sorry for his mother, working so hard, and was trying his best to help her out financially. Unfortunately he couldn’t get a job. He has made some new friends in college which has had an enormous impact on his life. Within two months of studying he has begun to develop a disgusting attitude, disgusting behaviour and disgusting language. William always wondered where his mates got their new clothes from. Where do they get their money from – he knew his friends’ parents were not rich enough to buy them all this. One day, his friend Tom asked him to take a little envelope and take it to the location on the envolope. Before he said yes he asked his friend what is in the envelope. His friend explained there were some drugs in there which needed to be delivered. If he did him this favour his friend would help him make some money.

After just a month William was making good money. He managed to treat himself and help his poor mother financially; his mother wondered where he was getting all the money from – he always ignored that question. After a few months of William doing so well he wanted more, more and more. Afterwards William gets introduced to a few gang members by Tom. Gang members were not sure about William, they wanted him to prove how cold hearted he was – they wanted him to prove that he was as hard as a bicep. They told him he would have to kill someone – deep down inside William was afraid but replied with confidence “give me that gun and show me the target”. A few days’ later two gang members take William for a drive and they end up smoking drugs and drinking alcohol in a car. Around midnight they see a lady walking into a block of flats, so they slowly follow her. William felt really cold, he got really nervous. They put a bag over her head and took her onto the roof and assaulted her – one of the gang members pulled out a gun and handed it over to William. They told him she was a witness and she had to die. They put the bag over her head. William was stunned. The woman in front of him was his mum. William felt extremely shocked, upset and guilty. He jumped off the roof.

Never dance with the devil because the dance with the devil may last forever.

This film is so important to me because it had a major impact on my life. From this film I have learnt that money isn’t everything. Money can’t buy happiness, and money can destroy people. Drugs? They are full of problems, they are full of trouble, and they are full of