Essay about Dance with a Vampire by Ellen Schreiber

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Dance With A Vampire: Ellen Schreiber The book I read over the summer is called Dance with a Vampire by Ellen Schreiber. The main character is sixteen year old Raven Madison, an obsessed Goth girl who wants to be a vampire ever since she was a little kid. The next character is handsome and dashing vampire Alexander Sterling, who moves into the abandoned mansion on Benson up the street from Raven. The next character is Trevor Mitchell, Raven’s arch nemesis who teases Raven about her vampire fantasies and being a Goth. He’s hated her ever since kindergarten because Raven was the only kid not afraid of him. The last character is Raven’s best friend Becky Miller. Raven and Becky met in kindergarten when Becky missed her mom. It was Raven’s sixteenth birthday that she found out that someone had moved into the abandoned mansion on Benson Hill. She has heard rumors that there are vampires living inside the house. Raven, being obsessed with vampires, plans to check it out with Becky on Halloween. Becky and Raven go trick-or-treating and stop at the mansion. Raven knocks on the door and a butler answers the door and says he has no candy. A couple of days later, Raven sees the butler again, but with Alexander at the grocery store. The same day, Raven goes into the mansion to see Alexander, who she hasn’t even met yet. The next day, Raven receives a letter from the mansion as an invitation to dinner. Raven attends dinner and formally meets Alexander and