Dance Is The Hidden Language Of The World

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Dancing “Dance is the hidden language of the world.” (Martha Graham). Dancing is an important ritualized activity and is used as an expression of joy. It is a Jewish mystic activity that they find most intriguing. It might have something to do with stimulating the orbitofrontal cortex and ventral striatum, according to scientists. Jewish mystical tradition holds that there are series of pre universes before our own, each with its very own unique characteristics and energy array. What they call the “Circle World,” was built on equity, harmony and balance. The reason that Jewish traditions embraced the symbol of the circle dance was because the “circle” is the future. There are two different but very similar biblical stories about dancing, which explain the two purposes of dance from a spiritual perspective. The first is the Miriam Story, where Miriam the Prophetess leads the Jewish women in a circle dance with drums, right after the nation was delivered from the Egyptian army. She starts dancing to the joyful singing of all the men. The women capture the energy of that tremendous moment and channel it to express their joy. “Its like trying to run a complex graphic program on an antiquated laptop, there is not enough space in the computers brain to hold the complexity of operations…similarly here, ‘circle awareness’ is so vast that it takes an entire body to hold it.” (Sarah Schneider). There is a huge power generated by a large group dancing with a unified purpose to worship in prayers.
The second biblical story is of the spiritual power of dance of King David’s ecstatic dance before the Ark of the Covenant as it was being brought into Jerusalem. David says that the dance was like a vehicle for him to access deeper recesses of consciousness. Dancing opens up a pure, deeper channel of prayers and mediation. When done correctly, prayers and dancing are very alike and that is why Judaism focuses a lot on singing and dancing while praying or after they pray. His public dancing shocked his wife and she called him “one of the empty people” because it was not okay to publically dance in their religions, but he replied with “I will continue to play in before God.” David did not only dance