Essay on Dane: Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and Issue Student Records

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Effective teacher:skills,disposition,knowledge,energy,and patience.. Gardner’s 8 intelligences-Logical-math,linguistic-music,kinesthetic-physically,musical,spatial-art,interpersonal-analyze motivations, intrapersonal-knowing feelings,naturalist-sciences. Education ranks start from Federal,state,local,and school. Admins-principal,superintendent, Pros-counselors,guidance,crisis,Support-secretery,security,admins.Buckley Amendment: issue student records. Court ruled that students grade peers work and parents can’t look if student is 18.Goss v Lopez: suspending students cant for more than 10 days must be due process, issue today non-bullying. Zero tolerance policy: issue, drugs,alcohol, weapons. Corp punishment issue-teachers harming students, illegal in 30 and legal in 20 states. Tinker v demoines : issue, silent protest freedom of speech. Right to freedom of speech. Prayer in school: can’t force participation. Brow v. boe: issue equal education, no segregation. Plessy v Ferguson: issue: equal education, holding: separate and equal. P-3 license,development,emerging academics literacy,math,eng. L.A. K-6(5) -8 middle school : academics, foundation level 30 creds, high literacy emphasis-30 cred 2nd major. 6-8 subject specific. K-12 subject specific. Paths to cert. traditional-GPA-2.75(3.0 thrust)-BA/B5-education w/2nd major-Practicuums,1st observation,90 hr curriculum, student teaching-Pass Praxis II subject and pedagogy option. Alt. route- BA/BS-major 200 hrs-pedagogy(+90 lit/math), -observation,-job,-Pass Praxis II-Pedagogy & subject options. Licenses : Traditional: CEAS,Cert of eligibility advanced standing. Alternate: Cert of eligibility. Provisional license (2 years to complete-30-36 wks). Standard license never expires.