Essay about Dang: Water and Steady Water supply

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Some city-states struggled with maintaining a steady supply of water and with growth of civilization the need for a steady water supply became greater. “If all work time had been devoted to farming, it would not have been possible to build roads, produce storage bins, or enforce laws on which the city depended.”

With the lack of technology available “in which thousands of people live in close together. They had to have laws or rules governing the human behavior. Those laws allowed people of the societies the opportunity and time to produce food, build, and continue on with daily activities.
Cities are struggling to maintain enough food and water for all of the members of the society. Cities could only survive where there was a food surplus created by irrigation, but irrigation could only be implemented where there were enough people to build and maintain the ditches, dams and the rest of the system. Mesopotamian farmers used several different types of irrigation. The members of society who got their land watered by the ditches of the tigris and the euphrates rivers had to constantly dig new ditches because the rivers flowed so fast that soil and water were carried down from the highlands. The ditches would get filled quickly, making it impossible to clean, causing lots of extra work for the members; this required the cooperation of everyone. Mesopotamian farmers used several different types of irrigation. Farmers there depended on gravity to bring water to their fields during the spring and flood times, but at other times the water raising machines did all the work. Legal problems arose in ROme due to their construction techniques, such as the use of the water-resistant cement which allowed them to build water systems that were basically undreamed of in Mesopotamia and Egypt. The disputes about…