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Q.2) What is the main conflict in "The most Dangerous game"? When is it resolved?
A.2) The main conflict in "The most Dangerous game" is that Rainsford is in the forest hunting other hunters including General Zaroff and Ivan and that Rainsford might even have a chance of being hunted himself. The conflict is resolved when Rainsford wins the game by outsmarting General Zaroff and killing Ivan.

Q.3) Which do you feel is more important in this story, the setting or the atmosphere? Explain.
A.3)I think that the atmosphere is more important in this story because the atmosphere helps to create the mood since it is narrated from the main character's (Rainsford) point of view. The quote "Don't talk rot Whitney, you're a big-game hunter not a philosopher. Who cares how the jaguar feels?" that was said by Rainsford shows that the atmosphere helped to create his mood. Since the story is mainly about survival, the atmosphere helps add rising action and suspense throughout the story as well. Q.4) Describe the character Rainsford. How does the author use 5 direct and 5 indirect quotes to create this character?
A.4) Rainsford is a character with perseverance, strength, emotional fear and is also very competitive and violent throughout the story.
"Be a realist. The world is made up of two classes, the hunters and the huntees and luckily you and I are hunters."
Rainsford has a pretty simplified idea about human categories and who the hunters and huntees actually are but soon after that he becomes one of the huntee's.

"...and doggedly he swam in that direction, swimming with slow, deliberate strokes, conserving his strength."
Rainsford didn't stop swimming to get to where he heard the pistol shots after he fell out of the boat.
"He wrestled himself out of his clothed and shouted with all of his power."
Rainsford pushes himself and puts strength into not drowning after falling