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Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1
Danielle Shay
ENG 225: Introduction to Film
July 23, 2013

The scene and film that I have chosen for this assignment is Jacob and Bella Dance from Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1. The production design is by Richard Sherman. The art director is by Lorin Fleeming. The director for part 1 and 2 is Bill Condon. And Stephenine Meyer wrote all the books.
The production design “is the creation and organization of the physical world surrounding a film story.” The production designer leads a group of people to make everything happen. He leads the costume designer, special effects director, and the location manager, and hair and makeup stylists. In a lot of films the production designer works closely with the director and producer to get their thoughts of how they see the film creativity.
The art director is the person who “formulates basic layout design or presentation approach, and specifies material details, such as style and size of type, photography, graphics, animation, video and sound.” The art director’s job is to make sure that the director’s vision for the movie is brought to life.
The director is someone who directs the making of a film and controls the artistic and dramatic aspects of the film. The director also visualizes the script while guiding the cast and crew in fulfilling their vision of how they see the film.
The lighting in this scene is kind of dark because they are in the middle of the woods at the Cullen’s house at Bella’s and Edward’s wedding reception. The lighting shows how Jacob is sad and upset that Bella is now married to Edward and will soon be a blood sucking vampire. But yet Jacob is happy for her as they dance and as he tries to remember her as she is when she is human. Bella tells Jacob home she is going to spend her honeymoon as a human, Jacob becomes angry and wants to hurt Edward. Jacob has had a connection with Bella but still has not quite understood why he has not imprinted on her. The lighting in this scene sets up for future scenes that tell us why Jacob did not imprint on Bella and why he always feels a connection on love with her.
The setting is in the middle of the woods, away from the wedding reception, and outside of the Cullen’s home. The time period is present day Forks where the whole movie pretty much takes place. This scene captures modern day culture. Bella’s costume, her wedding dress, is more like an elegant and classic type of dress. It is definitely one of a kind. Jacob is just wearing a pair of jeans and a button up shirt. The costumes can reflect elements of the films plot by the wedding dress and how the new Mr. and Mrs. Cullen plan on consummating their marriage on their honeymoon.
The hair and makeup help tell Bella’s