Daniel Jones Pro Slavery Letter Essay

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Master Daniel Jones The Leeward Plantation Barbados Barbados and Leeward Islands Administrative Area British West Indies Sunday 11th September 1776

Sir William Pitt
1st Earl of Chatham
House of Lords


I write to you hoping that in your esteemed position as Prime Minister of England and all her Colonies you can assist in supporting the business interests of those whom rely on the black African slave as a chief source of labour. It is the ramblings of the liberal elite who are causing most concern and I believe that if they were successful in their quests to eradicate slavery severe damage would be done to the business interests of many businesses throughout the Empire and indeed to businesses in England itself.

It is my belief that the use of the black African as workers on my sugar producing plantations is essential to my business and not only benefits myself, but also all those involved in the transportation and supply of slaves both to the West Indies and to the American Colonies. The Sugar Plantations within the West Indies provide 80-90% of the sugar consumed within Europe. The money made and the taxes paid are essential to the British Government as are the black Africans to the efficient, affordable labour force that works so well within the fields on the plantation.

As a wealthy plantation owner I feel that we are not only doing a service to the British Empire, but also benefitting the slaves themselves. I know s fact that my slaves are well looked after and often have a better life than they would have in their native Africa. They are fed, provided with a home and often befriended by their masters. Many of the female slaves that I have working in my home are well considered by my family and are treated with respect and well cared for. In fact, many of these slaves have converted to Christianity and regularly attend worship at the plantation church missions on Sunday’s. They sing beautiful hymns praising our Lord God. This is evidence of their happiness that is experienced with their new lives. It could be argued that the quality of life led by the slaves here in the Colonies is far better and safer than that of many British factory workers!

Without these slaves working for us my sugar production business in the West Indies as would the cotton and tobacco production in the…