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An anesthesiologist is a very important person that has a very content job, and to become such as one you have to go through a lot, let me begin here. anesthesiologists are physicians that focus just on surgical patients and pain relief if not asked to deal with others. They administer anesthetics, which are medicines to prevent patience from feeling pain and sensations. Many specialize in specific types of problems, such as respiratory or neurological illness. More then 90 percent of the anesthetics used in health care are administered by or under the direct supervision of an anesthesiologist. Let me now tell you how an anesthesiologist prepares a person/patient with such an illness before they actually pursue to begin their operation/job/surgery. At first the anesthesiologist needs to have first contact with the patient such as a preoperative interview. At that time the anesthesiologist reviews the patients medical history and the medications they have been taking before, and discuses the upcoming surgery, as well as reviews the options for anesthesia and pain killing drugs. The anesthesiologist also becomes familiar with the patients preexisting medical conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, and plans out how to manage those conditions during the surgery. Then of course performs the surgery. Now let me explain to you the requirements you need to have or perhaps go through in collage on how to become one, the first step to becoming an anesthesiologist is gaining a degree as a medical doctor, from medical school. To enter medical school you must first complete at least three years of undergraduate education in prerequisite course subjects like chemistry, biology, and calculus and pass all of those classes or with a GPA of 3.4 or higher. After completing medical school, you need to fulfill the requirements outlined by your state to pass a standardized examination. Such as United states medical licensing examination. Once you have a license to practice general medicine, you must complete a residence program in anesthesiology to gain hands on experience working in the specialty. After completing all the things about mandatory residency, the next step to becoming an anesthesiologist is to gain board certification from the American board of Anesthesiology. Certification begins with the completion of a written examination, the exam consists of 250 multiple choice questions, 225 of