Danny Brown Old Music Review Essay

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Danny Brown­ Old Music Review Alexander
Journalism 2A
May 30, 2014
Division #503

"Old"; Danny Brown’s 3rd full album to date, shoots out the gate with no hesitation. Brown, in his first few tracks, brings back his old flow to songs like "Side A
(Old)" and "The Return", which speak of him going back to “the old Danny Brown”. He raps in a grim mood; which definitely contradicts his loud and humorous style of rapping that was used on previous albums; such as XXX.
This third album is a split between Danny’s newer, solemn manner of rapping and the Electronica/ Dubstep­ type beats Danny enjoys (which have been his style since his mixtape days). His lyrics are cut between depressing and woeful realities of living in Detroit, sell drugs to survive in his neighborhood like on the track "Gremlins", and an entire song about “turning up”, smoking, drinking, and taking ecstasy pills like his 14th track; "Smokin and Drinkin".
Some people wouldn't agree with my opinion, but; as a die­ hard Danny Brown fan, I don't mind when Danny speaks on clich é d rap topics like drug dealing, life in the streets, or partying because he always finds a way to wrap it in an interesting package that nobody can predict. He does this by using his quick wits and unique sense of humour. He'll be first to tell people that at least half his songs aren't meant to be taken for face value, they're meant to get loose to. And if you’re skeptical of his lyrical