Reflection On Disability

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March 9th- Class Reflection-Disabilities
Danny Mckee

In today's class we spoke about our views aboutof humanity and what it means to be normal. We discussed the use of the term disability and the lack of synchroneitysynchronicity between society and people with disabilities. When one hears The word disability the automaticis inherently linked connection isto words such as tragedy, hardship, and a lower standard of life. etc. This is because sSociety has been built to relish the strong conditioned to only accept what it perceives as normal, which segregates people who do not meet this standard. and in turn segregates the weak as lesser humans; this includes Tthe elderly , the poor , the young, and most importantly the the disabled all deviate from this status quo. d.
This mindset has created a darwinistic Darwinist theologyideology in society that which celebrates the able bodied as the defenders of humanity, and caretakers for those who are deemed lesser.
In my own life I have found that it is the weak who holdthose who deviate from this ideal are the ones who have found the truethe truest form of happiness, our and humanity. For example, , and what being human means. To explain this I will use my sister as an example. dDuring university university, my sister Dominique was receivinged high marks in class, she was vice president of her school of King's college, came from a wealthy family , and was well liked. On paper, it appeared my sister was the reflection of a societal role model; however she was suffering from deep depression despite her success. She felt like her life was missing something, something that couldn’t be found in her accomplishments. success and to society a role model . However what wasn’t seen is that my sister was spiralling into a deep depression, despite her success she always found something was lacking. Societies perception of happiness and humanity had failed her and she was not able to achieve it through her accomplishments. At her lowest point In theDuring summer of her third year she decided she needed a break and she took part in King’s intercordia program. Her friendsfriend’s reactions were, “what a terrific human being not only is shevery positive praising her for decision to…...  successful but now she is headed overseas and working with those with disabilities to raise their standard of living and happiness as well”. However, with talking to me sister about it, it appeared that she wasn’t the things her friend’s had said. from my discussion with my sister that was not the case. This trip for her was an escape for her, and attempt to flee societiessociety’s expectations of normality and find a haven from its demand for her to be strong.

Dominique arrived at her placement at ( L’arche in Ukraine) , a home for mentally disabled adults. Here her duties were too cook clean and assist in any way that she could around the house. She lived in complete synchronicity syncrasy with the volunteers and those members with disabilities. Half way through the summer my sister messaged mecontacted me, and it is a