Dante's Inferno: Essay

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Life was slowly falling apart. It was the year 2045 and it my sixteenth birthday. I felt numb inside as I slowly floated between boys, partied constantly, and stopped caring about school and my future. My parents were far more than vexed by my behavior. Today was the day they were sending me away for a boarding school on a deserted planet that is segregated for children who have made poor choices. I walked along a long winding platform to board the U.S. Dante spaceship. A middle-aged man, who I presumed was my teacher boarded the ship. “Hello, my name is Judas Iscariot.” After ten years of Catholic school, I should’ve know this was not an ordinary journey, but a spiritual awakening. The spaceship rose into the sky and after three hours we arrived on a red-orange colored square planet with three indentations that look like the square holes in the cement blocks back home. This was not a boarding school for troubled teens, but it had such a negative aura that as I stepped of the ship my eyes were overflowing with tears.
Judas explained to me that this planet was hell and that he had seen the light of God as one of Jesus’ disciples, but he betrayed Jesus. He inhabits the lowest level of hell and as part of his punishment, he visits earth to give troubled young adults a chance at gaining an afterlife. Judas made the ultimate His only hope for salvation is when Jesus returns to earth. If he is successful as a guide to me, he will be forgiven and will be granted access into heaven.
On the top tier, thousands of people sit alone in silence on bare gray rocks. Judas explains to me that these people are those who were not touched by the grace of God so they sit in silence in an attempt to pray but are never able to. They are unable to speak so they are constantly consumed by their thoughts. Their doubt and disbelief in God as damned them to a life in hell where they sit alone forever. I take a seat