Dantes Inferno Essay

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There has been many artworks created in the past seven centuries representing different passages that come from the poem Inferno. Many artist have tried to give a visual idea of what Dante's descriptions actually looked like. Most artist to create a visual representation for the first part of The Divine Comedy, created an artwork for each circle of hell, or for each canto in the poem. The Spanish artist, Salvador Dali, was one of many to do so. Salvador Dali drew a interesting representation of Virgil, Dante's guide, being asked for his help in Canto II. Another artist was the Italian Painter, Sandro Botticelli. Sandro Botticelli also created a representation of the punishment given to the heretics that takes place in Canto X. Salvador Dali drew an important event that took place early in the poem and that is read about in Canto II. Dali drew what appears to be Beatrice coming down from the heavens asking Virgil for his help. Beatrice knows of Dante's fears, and also knows that he must be guided. Beatrice says to Virgil, “My friend, who has not been the friend of fortune, is hindered in his path along that lonely hillside;he has been turned aside by terror. From all that I have heard of him in Heaven, he is, I fear, already so astray that I have come to help him much too late. Go now; with your persuasive word, with all that is required to see that he escapes, bring help to him, that I may be consoled”. Beatrice wants Virgil to guide Dante through the circles of hell, she knows Dante can not venture through the circles alone. Virgil agreed to Beatrice’s request to help Dante and she goes on to say that “Love prompted me, the love which makes me speak. When once again I stand before my lord, then I shall often let him hear your praises”. Beatrice is telling Virgil that the love she has for Dante brought her here, and that she is grateful for his help, because of Virgil's help, Beatrice will make sure Virgil's prayers are heard by the Lord. The artwork by Salvador Dali looks like it was drawn out with pencil lead, or a pencil lead like substance. The visual of Beatrice looks the most freely sketched out , with a muscular body and a kind face. Beatrice also has her arms up and together like she is begging , which was for Virgil's help. The visual of Vigil is in a darker shade of color then Beatrice from the heavens. His body also looks sketched out and actually filled in with a bolder substance like paint. At this representation during this part of the poem, the sun appears to be shinning bright on both Beatrice and Virgil as well. I admire the effort and finer detail put into drawing out Beatrice. I also really like the drawling because of the happier, lighter environment they appear to be in. I dislike that Virgil sticks out in the drawling because of his darker shade of color and anyone who has not read the Inferno, could interpret him as “evil” or “bad”. For the most part this picture represented what actually happened in the poem. One thing missing from the artwork is the characters Lucia, enemy of every cruelty and the venerable Rachel who help out Beatrice by making Virgil more willing to help guide Dante. Another artwork was a painting painted by Sandro Botticelli. This artwork is a very accurate representation of the punishment for the heretics. This punishment takes place in circle six of hell in Canto X. A Heretic is somebody who dose not hold strict religious beliefs and believes that the soul dies with the body. The punishment for that in hell is laying in an open casket while burning in an eternal flame, symbolizing that the soul never dies and the burning along with suffering will never “die” or “end” either. Since the caskets are open, Dante asks Virgil “Can those who lie within the sepulchers be seen? The lids- in fact- have all been lifted; no guardian is watching over them.” This is a