Dantes Inferno Ulysseus Essay

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As Dante the pilgrim journeys down into the 8th circle of Hell, he finds Ulysses, a former man of many sins trapped in eternal flame. As Dante finds out his story, we see exactly what put him into such a deep circle. He had committed thievery, abandoned his own family, and tried to travel where no man should go. Though the severity of his punishment is questionable, because he has committed so many severe sins his consequences can be justified. “And in their flame they grieve for their device, The horse that made the doorway through which went forth the Roman’s noble seed. Within their fire now they lament the guile that even in death Makes Deidamia mourn Achilles, and there They pay the price for the Palladium.” (Canto XXVI 61-65) not only tells of his theft of the Palladium, but also the deceitful ambush of the Trojan horse. This thievery and deceit alone would get him in hell, but his sins only worsen. As Dante hears Ulysseus tell his story we see that he abandoned his own family without a thought against it because he wanted to see the world, “No fondness for my son, nor any claim of reverence for my father, nor love I owed Penelope, to please he, could overcome my longing for experience of the world,” (Canto XXVI 91-94). He here admits that love for his own family, if he even really did truly love them, could not tower over this petty love and want for adventure he had. Then only to make matters worse he makes it sound like this was an acceptable thing to do and a decision of which he is proud of. He is unable to see that landing in almost the center of hell should be a sign that he has lived a life of many sins of which he should regret, but instead of telling Dante of this, he refers to his life in a positive light and how his love for adventure so easily overcame his duty as a father and husband. And we soon find