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Danya Rashed
1st hour 1
. a). The importance of Media in the formation of Policy Agenda setting by choosing what to cover in the News or on the internet. The importance of elections in the formation of policy agenda because the people of who control agenda are the election winners. b). The role of congressional committees in the enactment of public policy could be holding hearings, marking up legislation. The role of executive orders in the enactment of public policy are the enacting of the policies by the president and bypassing congress. c). The importance of Bureaucratic discretion in the implementation of public policy is the fact that bureaucrats have the ability to shape the implementation of public policy. The importance of issue of networks OR iron triangles in the implementation is that they shape policies to benefit interest groups. 2.
a). The Elastic Clause has been used to expand federal because it makes laws that are necessary and proper for carrying out other powers. The power to tax and spend has expanded federal government because it granted to Congress, the power of the purse. b). The Americans with disabilities Act increased the power of the federal government because it made state governments make adjustments in order to comply with new regulations. frq #3 governmental programs providing guaranteed in our card benefits of those who meet eligibility
,requirements and qualifications Primary sources of revenue for Social Security come from payroll taxes The rectus future Social Security indicated of the chart are running out of money. The babies born during the baby boom are now retiring, which mean that the working generation must pay for their living. However, since there are more people retired than working, we may run out of money A demographic trend is one that I stated above.