Essay on Dare: Tobacco Smoking and Large Amounts

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In DARE we learned about many things, one of the first being tobacco. Tobacco can be chewed or smoked, but either way, it’s harmful. It causes breathing problems, colds and upper respiratory sicknesses, heart disease and cancer of the mouth, throat, bladder, lungs and kidney. Smoking also affects your appearance and it contains two-hundred known poisons. Lastly, approximately 403,000 people die because of tobacco-related causes, at least 3,000 of them dead from breathing other people’s smoke. Now for me, I am not interested in putting other people’s lives on the line for tobacco.
Another thing I gained education about this year was Marijuana. Marijuana has basically all the disgusting effects of tobacco, except it is illegal and its smoke has more tar than tobacco smoke. Also, marijuana damages your brain and body in several ways including short-term memory loss, loss of concentration and coordination, reflexes slow and it practically kills your ability to judge distance, speed and reaction time- which will make it harder to play sports. Marijuana; a bad substance that I beg you to stay away from.
One of the final things I was taught about in DARE was alcohol. Alcohol can hurt every single organ in your body, your heart, lungs, brain, & stomach. Alcohol slows your reflexes, makes you lose coordination and self-control, plus your judgment goes downhill. And to top it all off you also receive memory lapses and slurred speech. Alcohol is illegal for everyone under 21 and