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Darius Hall
Professor Dighton
Multimodal Photo Essay Project
April 21, 2015

The first year of being a college athlete of Shaw University was significant because it sparked a growth spurt, not only physically but mentally, and emotionally. I’m amazed at how much I have grown as an individual. They sure weren’t kidding when they said college would change you. Shaw has helped me develop mentally as far as decision making, living style, more independent and interpersonal skills. So far my first year at Shaw has been very interesting and exciting. Unlike the average freshman at Shaw is around 18 or 19, I started here a well-mannered 21 year old young man. See this is actually my second university, I’m a transfer athlete from North Carolina A&t. I made a decision to transfer so I could leave my hometown for the first time and experience life in Raleigh, with the ultimate goal of playing football again and graduating with a degree. Even though Shaw is a private HBCU I’ve learned to use the little assets that are available to help me continue and better my life and education. Sometimes when in the realm of parental guidance, there is mindset of dependency that causes one to rely on others for support and fulfillment of needs. However when such a guidance has passed and is substituted with a means of responsibility, there is a time to face the trials independently. Through my first year at Shaw I have grown to learn of this independence. No longer is there a shoulder of mother or father to cry on when things don’t go as planned. No longer are decisions made carelessly only to expect parents to bear the consequences for me. Shaw has made me step up and make mature decisions. My second week in school I was able to get a part time fast food job with the help of my wonderful good hearted advisor. Getting a job while a full time student-athlete is a great sign of independence because I have bills and a two year old son to provide for. I have learned of the importance of a sound mind in midst of all troubles. Moreover, ive learned to carry my own burdens and to face my own problems with confidence to do even better the next time. The style of my living also changed after one semester in the school term.
Before coming to Shaw University I was more of a dependent student relying on my grandmother also my childhood guardian for domestic help like shelter and food. Since making the transition to Shaw I now stay of campus in student housing apartments. I feel Shaw University has given me the confidence to not be afraid and take legal chances in the real world. The School has more than enough small resources that are reliable for students to explore/seek information and a desired field. Shaw is real convenient when it comes to actually reaching out and helping its students, for example the writing center has done an excellent job in correcting and helping progress my writing skills. I have also developed my interpersonal skills. I wasn’t much of a people’s person before I had my friends but my general attitude towards my peers was negative. Since enrolling at Shaw, I have used the small population to sort of an advantage to put my pride to