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how light influence actors in the film. Shutter Speed
1. On YOUR camera what is the fastest shutter speed you have? (You might need to look at the manual.)
On my Nikon D5200 camera, the fastest shutter speed I have is 1/4000
2. On YOUR camera what is the slowest shutter speed you have?
The slowest shutter speed on my Nikon D5200 camera on the other hand is 1/1.3.
3. If you are shooting a fast motion scene and want to "freeze" the action, would you use a fast or slow shutter speed?
To freeze movement in an image (like in shooting a fast scene) you’ll want to choose a faster shutter speed
4. If you are shooting in a low light setting, would you use a fast or slow shutter speed?
Using a slow shutter speed is best if you are shooting in a low light setting or under dim lighting conditions. 5. What are some advantages to using slow shutter speeds and what are some of the disadvantages?
Advantages to using slow shutter speed:
 Images taken with a lower shutter speed invoke a visual sense of movement (Ex. Exposure time 3 seconds).
 Slower shutter speeds are often selected to suggest movement in a still photograph of a moving subject.
 Selecting a slower shutter speed, a longer time passes from the moment the shutter opens till the moment it closes. Thus, time is available for movement in the subject to be recorded by the camera.
 A slower shutter speed allows the photographer to introduce an element of blur, let’s say for example – in a person riding a bike, the feet are the fastest moving element in